A New Data Architecture On the Horizon

“Consumer Side Analytics” is a data architecture where analytical calculations run within an individual’s curated data sets based on consent given by the individual. Results may be retained and/or shared. The word “curation” means that individuals use services to collect data on themselves from different types of applications for use now or in the future. Data can be stored locally on an individual’s device or in a secured cloud application.

In the example above, a business submits a question through an access gateway and with consent the business gets back an answer without harvesting massive amounts of raw data about the individual. For example, a business that produces media content may like to know the likelihood that someone will subscribe and offer a trail subscription to all likely prospects. The business submits the analytic which analyzes data regarding the individual’s interests, media consumption patterns, etc. It determines if the content is a fit or not. The business gets back a “Yes” or “No” answer without needing to collect massive amounts of raw data. The individual benefits by discovering something new that they did not know existed and is offered a free trial.

The benefits are enormous, first, it limits the need for individual’s data to be sold to thousands and thousands of businesses all over the world increasing privacy.  Second, it creates a much more efficient means by which consumers and businesses can interact. Third, it saves businesses money by not wasting ad dollars unnecessarily which, if they choose, can be passed on to the consumer.  Beyond the promotions side, there are benefits operationally as business applications can begin to be rewritten using this distributed data architecture reading and writing data on the consumer side, simplifying life for millions of individuals. Imagine the possibilities.