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The Data Ecosystem of Today

Data management is hard work, companies have more data today than they know what to do with or even need. Conventional wisdom says to collect as much data as you can about your customers and figure out what to do with it later. So that is what companies have been doing for years, at least those companies that can afford the technology and the top talent to run the systems.

This approach to data management is:

  • Expensive
  • Time Consuming
  • Not Timely
  • Incomplete and Often Inaccurate

The challenge is even greater for medium and small companies as they don’t know where to start, leaving a major gap in the ability for these companies to benefit in any way from the data economy enjoyed by larger competitors.

In addition, massive regulation is on the horizon that will cause significant disruption to the entire industry and devastate legacy data practices that have been enjoyed by so many for decades.

But what if there was a way to make data management simpler, more relevant and effective for all businesses? What if there were data driven application solutions that personalize and optimize interactions with customers while at the same time rebuild trust?  What if there was a way to get the answers without having to collect unnecessary personal data about customers?

Introducing “Consumer Side Analytics” rethinking the business of data

The Data Ecosystem of Tomorrow

It is time for us to rethink the way data is being done. Choosing a path that takes the highest road possible when it comes to data privacy and rights of individuals, one that ultimately provides all around better results for consumers and businesses.

What is Consumer Side Analytics?

An answers based model, Consumer Side Analytics is simply analytics that execute on the consumer side vs. on the business side.  Roamina is bringing the big data technologies and the expertise to individuals, helping them capture organize and secure datasets. Letting them control and choose how it is to be used.

This enables us to build robust data driven applications using modern application program interfaces (APIs) that “with consent” give businesses the ability to get answers without having to collect massive amounts of personal data.

Going directly to the source, the individual, just makes sense.  Consumer Side Analytics is the “Just Ask Me!” approach to data management.

We are pre-building advanced analytical and machine learning models to accelerate adoption for businesses. These are built into applications with permissions and consent based controls. Point and click - No Code solutions are simple and easy to use for any business regardless of size.

Need something special, check out Roamina’s Data Science Services.

Consumer Side Analytics Model

In the model above, a business submits a question through an access gateway and with consent gets back an answer without harvesting massive amounts of raw data about the individual. For example, a business that produces media content may like to know the likelihood of someone subscribing to a service then offer trail subscriptions to all likely prospects.

The business submits the analytic which analyzes data regarding the individual’s interests, media consumption patterns, etc. The resulting output determines if the content is a fit or not. And business gets back a “Yes” or “No” answer without needing to collect any additional data. If the content is a fit, the individual is introduced to something new that they did not know existed and is offered a free trial. If not, nothing is lost of given up.

The benefits are enormous, Consumer Side Analytics creates a more efficient means by which consumers and businesses can interact. It saves businesses money by not wasting ad dollars unnecessarily.

Beyond promotions, there are benefits operationally as business applications can begin to be rewritten using a distributed data architecture reading and writing data on the consumer side, simplifying life for millions of consumers. Imagine the possibilities.

Roamina is blazing this trail, taking bold steps to build new and exciting data driven applications.

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