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Simplification, Enrichment and Empowerment

Unlocking the Value of Data for You

You are missing out on the opportunity to own the value of your data. Why? Because individuals don't have the tools to leverage data in the same way as businesses. Until now!

Roamina is an AI powered application putting you in charge of your data. With just a few clicks, you can begin to unlock the value of your data safely and securely. Roamina automatically organizes information to save you time and then analyzes it to find ways to save you money. And much more!


So how doesRoamina work? 


Use Roamina Data Pipes and Data Packages to easily link, upload and secure data into your Roamina Data Vault.


Based on your selections, Roamina works for you by automatically formatting, cleansing and organizing your data for use.


Deploy dozens of dynamic interactive elements that provide insights that you can act on, help you discover new things and simplify life.

It's your data, it belongs to you!

This means you control your data and decide how it gets used.

data rights for the People

Taking the high road means going beyond the regulations to embrace a fundamental set of data rights for individuals. Our commitment to our users is to pursue these relentlessly.

Data Portability is the right for an individual to have access and download their information electronically. Data Portability is so important to us that it’s in our name. To us “Roam” means that individuals should have the right to take their data wherever they go.

The right for individuals to use their data without restriction anyway that is desired.

The right to amend and blend means that individuals have the right add additional data to existing data sets and blend different data sets together. This enables individuals to use data for more than a singular use case.  Bending data opens the door to new insights and application.

The right to blur gives individuals the ability to abstract or adjust the level of detail shared or used by others.  An individual may only want to provide summary level data or use a blurring factor to protect privacy. For example, only sharing relative percentages vs. actual numbers.

Similar in nature to blurring, individuals need the ability to delete some or all of their information from a processor’s records and the right to request to be forgotten.  Caution should be exercised by the user in deleting data. Restrictions of use can be as effective as deleting data, however, the right to delete has to be respected.

The decision to share data or not share data is a foundational data right.  Restrictions or requirements to share need to be replaced with consent-based approaches.

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